5 Areas in the Home People Normally Neglect Vacuuming

vacumming dirty carpet

It is safe to say that as it’ll come to vacuuming, the majority of us will consistently clean the hard floors and carpets throughout our house. However, there is much more to a complete vacuum than that.

Additional areas of the property benefit vastly from a good vacuum yet often are neglected, collecting dirt and dust. Germs, bacteria, and mites may fester, which might impact your health, and make your house appear unsightly.

Here, the upholstery cleaning pros of Maine Carpet Cleaning lists the leading forgotten places in your house that you ought to be vacuuming much more often.

Inside drawers

They may not be the first area you think about vacuuming, yet drawers need a consistent clean. These fantastic storage areas quickly can fill with dirt and dust; therefore, try to vacuum frequently used and untouched drawers.

Curtains and blinds

Dust quickly can build on curtains and blinds. And to make matters worse, the dust may circulate around the room because of the position close to the window that may be possibly bad for respiratory issues. So, it is a great idea to vacuum using a dusting tool to provide your blinds and curtains a complete clean.


You potentially regularly wash your bedsheets and keep a clean bedroom, yet did you know it also is vital to vacuum the mattress? Use your upholstery attachment on the vacuum cleaner to clean inside its crevices. It does not have to be a weekly task yet try to fit it into your cleaning routine pretty often.

Under the bed

Just because you cannot see it, it does not mean it is not there. It’s what you must keep in mind while cleaning your house. Dirt and dust easily can collect beneath furniture, which may irritate people who suffer with allergies. Selecting a cordless vacuum provides you the freedom to clean in spaces that are out of reach for some conventional corded vacuums.


Vacuuming the couch each week should be a must, even if you cannot see the dust. It is simple to remember to clean the floors and carpets, yet do not neglect furniture. Dust, pet hair, germs, etc. may build on the surfaces; therefore, using a vacuum that has various attachments may be helpful.


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