Establish a Home Safety Plan

Establish a Home Safety Plan

The majority of fatal fires take place at home. In the event of a fire, having working smoke detectors and preparing and performing home fire escape drills will reduce the risk of injury or death. Do you practice how your home responds to fire? It can make difference! You can have less than a minute to get safely out of the building when a fire strikes. It can mean the difference between life and death when you to know what to do. To build a home fire protection plan, let ‘s review these 9 measures.

9 Steps to Make An Escape Plan:

    1. Draw your home’s floor plan and plan a fire escape route. Locate all the doors, windows, halls, stairs and fire escapes that can be used to get outside.

    2. Plan 2 ways out of every room showing the ways out of every room , particularly bedrooms, using arrows.

    3. Pick an outdoors meeting spot.

    4. Discuss the plan with each member of the family and then practice it so that everyone understands what to do in the event of a fire.

    5. Ensure all door locks and window latches can be opened by each family member. Check to see if all windows that are part of the escape plan are easily opened and not sealed with paint.

    6. Safety bars and child window guards should have a fast-release feature that can be controlled from the inside in the event of an emergency your home.

    7. Keep escape routes and hallways clear of obstacles such as chairs, newspapers, toys, etc. through the house.

    8. Keep eyeglasses or hearing aids, along with a flashlight at your bedside.

    9. Post your street number on your house in clearly visible numbers from the street. This helps emergency personnel locate your house quickly.

    Things to consider in the case of an alarm from a fire / smoke detector. Smoke detectors allow you time to leave the building before your escape route is obstructed by harmful smoke, heat and toxic gases. You’ll also leave your house unharmed if you act fast. To check closed doors for heat, use the back of your hand. If the door feels cool, open it slowly. Leave your house and stay out of it! Go to the scheduled meeting location labeled on your safety plan. From your mobile or a friend’s house, dial 911. Wait for the arrival of the fire department at the meeting place. Let them know if everyone is all safe.

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