Yes. Every technician is certified, trained and qualified to handle all types of water damage.

Since every situation is unique, cleanup times vary. The length of time it will take to clean up your fire damage depends on a number of factors including the number of rooms affected and the severity of the damage. Our experts will assess the damage and work quickly and efficiently to restore your property. This can take anywhere from several days to a few weeks.

We recommend that you hire a professional team such as Lilly’s Restoration to clean up fire and smoke residue rather than cleaning it yourself. Smoke is dangerous to inhale, without proper ppe. Our team has the proper equipment and expertise to adequately handle the damage.

Lilly’s Restoration expert restoration service technicians can handle any type of weather-related or equipment failure water damage, like flood damage. This includes an inflow of water into your home due to heavy rainfall or a natural disaster; an overflowing bathtub, sink or toilet; broken and frozen pipes and water heater leaks. You may have water coming up through the ground due to a broken water pipe, drainage pipe or sewer pipe. A flooded septic system can cause sewage to be pushed back into your home. Lilly’s Restoration can help you deal with the aftermath of any of these situations.

Excessive rain can seep through your ceiling, walls or through your floors, or a burst pipe may can lead to localized flooding in a particular room of your house. Standing water can damage carpeting, wood floors and any other type of floor covering. Water can also damage drywall, insulation, wood beams and furnishings. It isn’t just the water that causes problems. The possibility of soot and debris increases the problems when weather or fire are involved in the matter.

Water causes wood to swell, sag and deteriorate. Wet wood will warp, and eventually rot. Water permanently ruins fabric items such as carpets and furniture that become soaked for more than a couple days. Water damage can also be a major electrical hazard. It can short-out electrical systems, causing fires, shock hazards, and damage to electronics.

Be sure to take good photographs before you do anything. It’s okay to mop up excess water by hand, but if your home has a large area of flooding, you’re going to need professional services to prevent and repair major damage.

An excessive amount of water will soak into your floors and pool up behind your walls, which is a problem that homeowners can’t deal with safely by themselves. These hidden, water-soaked spaces are a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and structural deterioration. Mold is a serious health threat to everyone who enters the building, and if a structure is deemed unstable, you won’t be able to enter.

If your water damage is caused by a sewage backup, it is an immediate, serious health hazard. Avoid any contact and call Lilly’s Restoration immediately.

Generally, the answer is no. Insurance policies typically require you to do everything you can to prevent further damage.

If your home’s water damage is taken care of immediately, mold outbreaks can usually be prevented. However, if water is left to sit, detrimental mold could grow. Mold isn’t always obvious to the naked eye, but it can devastate your family’s health and safety. Depending on the situation, an expert restoration company may suggest a mold assessment be performed by a third party during the water damage restoration process. If mold is detected in your home, Lilly’s Restoration will remediate the mold as well as repair any emergency water damage.

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