Home Fire Safety Tips

Home Fire Safety Tips:

The majority of fires occur where we feel more comfortable – our homes. That being said, everyone can act to avoid fires and to protect them from harm. The best protection for a home fire is established by smoke alarm systems and a trained home escape plan. In most fires, when the smoke detector triggers you have 3 minutes to run. If a fire does happen, call us for fast, dependable, quality fire & water damage cleanup. Use the following links to learn more about how to prevent a fire before it ever happens:

Kitchen Fire Safety

Cooking is the leading cause of fire-related injuries in the home. It is also the leading cause of fire damage to elderly people. Discover how prevent burns and scalds and to avoid cooking fires.

Alarm Installation & Testing

Every home needs working smoke detectors and most of them need carbon monoxide alarms as well. Learn what kind of product you need, when to test it, and where to position it in your homes.

Establish a Home Safety Plan

Make a home escape plan for the entire family and practice them so that you know what to do in an emergency. You could have as little as 3 minutes to evacuate when the smoke alarm sounds.

Electrical Fire Safety

People die in household electric fires each year. One of the leading deaths among persons over the age of 65 is electrical fire. Learn how to protect your home to stop electrical fires.

Smoking Fire Safety

The incorrect use and disposal of smoking material (not just tobacco) is the main cause of Massachusetts fire death. Learn how to properly dispose of these materials safely.

Home Heating Safety

Home heating in Massachusetts is another significant cause of house fires. Learn how to use your home heating and space heating systems safely to maintain warmth, safety, and comfort.

Training, preparation, practice can prevent many household fires. If fire does strike, the difference between surviving and tragedy is when the plan is established and followed. Just a few minutes each month can make all the difference in the event of the unexpected. If you do have a fire, we are available 24/7 to help.

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