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Most often, flooding is caused by heavy or persistent rainfall, but it can also be caused by snow and ice melting naturally. Flooding can be caused by improper or blocked drainage systems, as well as ruptured dams and levees or the release of an ice jam. Offshore storms, driving ocean water further inland than normal tides, are causing coastal flooding. In a floodplain, which is the lowland adjacent to a river , stream, lake , or ocean, flooding most often occurs. Flooding can happen anywhere, however. Floodplains are defined by the frequency of flooding that is large enough to inundate them. Contact your local Emergency Management Office to find out the flooding risk for your community.

Tips relating to potential floods:


Water damage due to heavy rain

What To Do Before A Flood

What To Do Before A Flood Understand the terms used to define flooding Flood Watch: Flooding is possible. 12 to 36 hours before a possible …

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COVID-19 cleaning in Western Massachusetts

Does My Homeowners Insurance Cover Mold Removal?

Does My Homeowners Insurance Cover Mold Removal? Homeowners insurance covers mold damage if a “covered peril” situation caused it. Otherwise, it is unlikely that the …

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What To Do After A Flood

What To Do After A Flood When the water starts to recede, flood hazards don’t end. Listen to the press and don’t go home until …

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What’s In That Water?

Pathogens are disease-causing agents that may be present in large numbers in sewage waste in the form of bacteria , viruses, mold spores, or protozoans. The nature and extent of the potential pathogenic hazards of sewer backups and floodwaters will largely depend on the potential contaminants in the waters that are expected to be present. Lilly’s Restoration has the advanced equipment necessary to test for these harmful pathogens. In general , the greater the scope of the sewage component, the more likely it is to is to have an adverse impact potential, and the more important it is to professionally clean up the materials that come into direct contact with the contaminated water.

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