How Do You Fix Fire Damage?

How Do You Fix Fire Damage?

Even a small fire can do catastrophic damage. In addition to the irreplaceable things you may have lost, as you consider the wreckage from the fire itself and the additional harm caused when the fire was extinguished, it can be daunting. In order to ensure total recovery, it is also important to hire a professional service like Lilly’s Restoration to ensure that an effective smoke damage cleanup and soot removal process is performed on the premises.

Fire damage cleanup is a multi-step, challenging process because it often includes addressing water damage, fire damage, and smoke damage. Depending on the severity of the fire and the heat of the blaze, there may also be structural damage. An emergency board-up may be necessary protect the area from the external elements and trespassers.

Reparation of fire and smoke damage requires experience and skill. The IICRC Trained Technicians at Lilly’s Restoration have the expertise to do the job right. You can trust Lilly’s Restoration when you need fire damage restoration services to direct and support you through the process, handle and accomplish the most difficult and hazardous sections of the cleanup, and assist you in every phase of the remediation.

The repair of fire damage is a lengthy and complex process. There is a lot that needs to be considered, from burned debris to leaking sewage. It is always our highest priority to avoid any further disruption to your property. We will inspect the property for structural damage, unseen risks from electrical problems and damage from water, then protect it from the elements and trespassers.

Only after we have secured your health and safety, does it become our primary concern to restore your property to its pre-fire appearance. Restoration may include minor repairs, such as drywall removal, painting, and new carpet installation; or it may include major repairs, such as restoring different sections or rooms in a home or company.

Fire and smoke damage repair requires experience, equipment, and skill. At Lilly ‘s Restoration, the IICRC Qualified Technicians have the skills to do the job right. When you need fire damage restoration services to guide and assist you through the process, manage and achieve the most challenging and dangerous parts of the cleanup, and assist you in every step of the cleanup, you can trust us.

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