How to Protect Your House from Water Damage

basement water damage restoration

Every year, 1 in every 50 insured U.S. homeowners files a home water damage claim with their insurance provider. Some of these claims are for clean water damage caused by leaky plumbing pipes. One other typical cause of water damage includes rainwater. Learn more on how to protect your property from water damage:

Begin at the Bottom

Begin with an inspection of the outside foundation. Then, inspect basement floors and walls. If you see cracks in the foundation, fill them using epoxy. Install some window well covers on all below-grade windows and ensure that the covers securely fasten to the foundation.

Gutters and roofs

Inspect the roof after and before the winter months. If you see missing or cracked shingles have them replaced, and do not forget the flashings. Be certain they tightly fit around vents, roof or wall junctions, and chimneys.

Fix Leaking Pipes

It isn’t uncommon for homeowners to be unaware of a pipe leaking for days, occasionally weeks. Unless the pipe inside your bathroom or kitchen sink springs a leak, you might not even notice your additional plumbing pipes. For homeowners who have finished basements, the majority of plumbing is tucked behind ceilings or walls.

It is up to you to evaluate all exposed pipes for leaks and cracks. Do not ignore damp spots on walls or ceilings. Ignoring proof of water damage might result in structural damage or mold.

Put in Water Sensors

Most homeowners make use of smart technology in order to prevent water damage in their home. Water sensors detect the existence of water then sound the alarm. If you utilize professional alarm monitoring, sensors send a notification to your alarm company. If you do not utilize an alarm company, that notification goes to your phone through an application.

It’s possible to purchase programmable water sensor systems which automatically turn off the water to your house. Water sensors may prevent water damage, as well as loss of your personal possessions by alerting you to a minor leak before catastrophes happen.

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