The professionals at Maine Carpet Cleaners team loves to visit the coastal areas of Maine; including Rockland. If you've never visited this beautiful town; here is a bit of information.

Rockland is a classic coastal town in Maine. It also is one of the largest lobster shipping centers worldwide; therefore, next time you’re appreciating a delicious Maine lobster, just imagine it might’ve derived from Rockland, the world’s lobster capital! Here, we go over things to do in Rockland, according to the pros at Maine Carpet Cleaning, an honest and reliable, family operated and owned company who has been serving the residents of Rockland, Maine for over 10 years.

Boat Tours

Rockland visitors may opt to experience their vacation in Maine on a famous Windjammer, as this city houses the most Windjammers in the U.S. Explore nearby coastline and sights for the day or spend the whole week aboard these amazing Tall Ships, for a one-of-a-kind experience with a private crew and captain who’ll plan activities and cook a lobster bake! The yearly July ME Windjammer Parade is an afternoon parade of the whole windjammer fleet, which sails past the mile-long breakwater. Travelers will love the incredible close-up views of the majestic ships when they sail past.


Apart from Maine’s Windjammer Parade, Rockland additionally is home to several big seaside festivals all throughout the year. In the month of July, the N. Atlantic Blues Festival within Rockland draws a massive, fun crowd for their annual two-day blues music festival that is held at oceanfront Public Landing that overlooks Rockland Harbor. The music festival is among the most musical upon the E. Coast that features nationally recognized performers of blues. Maine’s Lobster Festival in the month of August is a thrill for the entire family, which includes arts and crafts vendors, entertainment, contests, as well as the world's best lobster cooker who prepares 20,000 lbs. of lobster! In addition, in the month of August, Maine’s Boats, Homes and Harbors Show collects Maine's finest architects, artists, designers, boat builders, jewelers and much more, in addition to food, live entertainment, as well as waterfront activities, which includes a Paddlebaord joust.

Maine’s Lighthouse Museum

Maine’s Lighthouse Museum is situated directly on the waterfront in Rockland’s downtown area and is a trendy attraction for visitors and tourists to hear more about the relevance and history of lighthouses. Lighthouse Museum houses the biggest Fresnel lighthouse lenses collection, as well as the most critical collection of Coast Guard memorabilia and lighthouse artifacts in the U.S. If you are searching for things to do in Rockland, it’s an excellent place to learn about the city’s history. The Lighthouse Museum is open on a daily basis, free for children with a small admission charge for adults, as well as is a must-see for anyone who is interested in hearing more information about maritime history and lighthouses. The museum shares its location with Maine’s Discovery Center, a 1st-class visitor facility with travel information and museum exhibits.

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