Tile & Grout Cleaning

Tile & Grout Cleaning

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Lilly’s Restoration cleaning will extract the black build-up on your tile & grout lines, as well as take your tiles back to their original color. As our cleaning is dry and complete, we may seal the grout and protect it for years into the future. Our cleaning won’t harm your other floors or baseboards. We’ve been cleaning tile floor for years. In all our experiences, we’ve never damaged another flooring which might share a transition with the tile that we cleaned.

If your tiled flooring has acquired a new color over time, we can assist in erasing it all. Get in touch with us now at 413-213-3980.

Lilly’s Restoration tile & grout cleaning process

We begin with moving furniture out of our way or to one part of the room so we can clean half, move all furnishings to the other side, and clean the other part.

Cleaning begins with vacuuming or sweeping the debris and dirt.

Cleaning Agents – A powerful cleaner gets applied to your tile and grout. No need to be concerned, it will not damage your possessions or destroy surfaces it touches.

Agitation – Occasionally scrubbing is needed. In this instance we’ll use either a broom handle that has a scrub brush on it or if it really must be worked into, we’ll use an industrial floor scrubber that breaks loose the dirt and oils stuck to the floor.

Extraction – We’ll use an enclosed tile & grout cleaning instrument to pressure wash and tile cleaning tool to rinse the tile & grout. As an enclosure is moved around a vacuum ring upon the corner of it gathers the dirt, nasty water, cleaning solutions, and oils. Edging is followed up with a tile & grout cleaning instrument designed to get inside tight areas. It’ll use the same kind of cleaning, a vacuum recovered pressure washing chamber.

Drying – High-speed air movers get placed inside tactical areas to dry the floors as rapidly as possible. While that’s going on a fast mop over the baseboards and floor is done.

Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning Services in Massachusetts

For over 10 years, Lilly’s Restoration has been offering professional tile & grout cleaning services in Massachusetts. Our service uses the most recent solutions and tools to ensure that the tile and grout appear like new before we leave, and we’ll assure you that the tile & grout is going to be as squeaky clean as it was when you got your flooring installed.

Lilly’s Restoration provides the top floor cleaning services with our tile & carpet cleaning services. We offer deep cleaning as we come to do a floor cleaning, which includes hardwood flooring, grout cleaning in which we’ll scrub the grout to perfection, as well as floor upkeep of natural stone tile. We have the ability to get all grime and dirt out of the floors with our one-of-a-kind cleaning technique, so they’ll appear as good as new as our tile cleaning pros are finished.

Professional Tile and Grout Sealing and Polishing

Lilly’s Restoration grout cleaning service also includes sealing and polishing grout lines and floors and grout color seal. Our cleaning agents have the ability to get the grout appearing like new in no time. As the technician comes out, she or he professionally cleans the grout and will offer a professional sealing ans polishing, too. We also offer commercial cleanings in Massachusetts for your business needs. We additionally provide a 30-day guarantee on all our services.

We’ll clean all types of tile, from bathroom flooring to that soot-encrusted tile that surrounds the fireplace. We will tackle challenging grease spots inside the kitchen, pull up ground-in grime in high-traffic spaces, and even extract stains from the grout that is between the tiles wherever needed.

Our company uses state-of-the-art cleaners and equipment to make cleaning the tile appear easy. Therefore, no more sore knees and hand scrubbing as you have Lilly’s Restoration clean the tile and grout.

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